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News » Giants' Burress fined 40-50 times before suspension

Giants' Burress fined 40-50 times before suspension

Giants' Burress fined 40-50 times before suspension
The Giants' suspension of their star wide receiver Plaxico Burress may have seemed excessive to some, but it turns out the latest punishment is only the latest in an incredibly long line of fines the Giants' wideout has accumulated.

FOX Sports has learned that during his tenure with the Giants, Burress has been fined by the team between 40 and 50 times, a stunning number considering he's played just 50 games with the Big Blue.

"He's been fined for missing treatment, meetings, showing up late ... there's probably been 10 times this year alone," said one source.

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According to several team sources, Burress has not seemed overly affected by being hit in the wallet this often. What did affect him, however, was the Giants preventing Burress from playing in the next game.

"That really bothered him," said another source who requested anonymity. "He doesn't care about the fines but if you don't let him play ... that's all he cares about. He just wants to play football. He pretty much put Jerry Reese and Coach in a bad spot on this one. It had to stop and just fining him again wasn't going to do it."

Burress contends that he missed Monday but Tuesday was an off day and thus, how could he be fined for missing two days of work when one was an off day? However, he did not contest the unexcused Monday.

Burress missed Monday's meeting and failed to return several phone calls to the Giants, although he claims he talked with Charles Way, the Giants' Director of Player Development, that same day. The Giants claim there were several other calls that when unanswered.

When Coughlin told Burress about missing the game, other Giants players told FOX Sports that Burress argued his point. When he realized he couldn't get out of missing the game, he pretty much turned and walked out on the meeting, clearly angered with the decision.

Burress and Coughlin have long had a relationship that could best be described as somewhat contentious. Burress is the one player within the locker room who never seemed to fear his head coach and has gone as far as tuning him out on some occasions.

After one season-ending game, Coughlin asked Burress to join his teammates in the center of the locker room. The star wideout ignored the coach's request and stayed at his locker. Players say there have been other times when Burress has at times turned and walked away from his coach when Couhglin was getting into him about something.

There is some trepidation about what will happen the next time Burress commits a rule violation. The team needs him, Eli Manning needs him and the offense needs him, but obviously they are trying to lay down the law more strictly.

RAMS' COACHING CAROUSEL: Rams head coach Scott Linehan's job is on the line today and the team has turned to a familiar face for some advice. Rams executives reached out to former head coach Dick Vermeil to get his gauge on the situation. Word is that Vermeil told the team they should stick with the man currently coaching.

Linehan told FOX Sports he hears all the stories and wouldn't be surprised if he was fired but has been kept completely in the dark.

"Usually when something like this is going down you get some sort of indication, something, anything, but I haven't heard a thing," Linehan said. "Nothing has been said to me. But just judging by what I've heard, it (firing) wouldn't surprise me if we lose today.

"But honestly, I have not heard one thing about it up to this point."

MOTOWN RELIEF: What a move this past week by William Ford Jr., pushing the issue on the Matt Millen front. The younger Ford has long wanted his father to make a move inside the front office and when he issued his statement last week that Millen should be fired, it was viewed in two different ways. Some inside the Lions say it was gutsy because there was a chance Ford Jr. would lose in this latest battle. Others, however, believe that Ford Jr. knew that his father would finally make the move and put it out there in a calculated decision.

Millen caught word that he would be out and called Ford Sr. to ask if the word on the street was accurate. The team's owner confirmed the news and Millen showed up Wednesday morning, got a handful of boxes from the equipment manager to pack up his belongings, then said his goodbyes.

Amazingly, when word finally broke, there was utter shock and disbelief around the league and even inside the Lions' complex. While the move was warranted, Lions players and coaches believed the move simply would not happen.

For years players have talked about forming a mutiny and going to owner William Clay Ford Sr. asking for Millen's ousting. But when push came to shove, it never materialized. Others inside the organization talked of relief that they could finally focus on what was taking place on the field instead of the constant soap opera they had long been mired in.

Detroit is not interested finding an immediate successor and instead wants to see how the team reacts now that the drama has ended.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: September 29, 2008

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