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Is St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Bernie Miklasz the Last Great Local Sports Columnist?
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Jul 10th 2008 8:59AM by Michael David Smith (author feed)
Filed under: Rams Robert Weintraub has a piece in the Columbia Journalism Review that laments the disappearance of great local sports columnists, and while Weintraub refers to well-crafted columns about the local sports team as a “dying art,” as I read the piece I kept thinking of the way Tony Kornheiser described newspapers: “Not dying, dead.”

Show me the highest-profile sports columnist in almost any American city and I’ll show you someone who only considers the column a secondary gig to more lucrative opportunities on TV. I don’t begrudge columnists like Kornheiser their decisions to quit working as a columnist to become a TV commentator, but I do wish more American cities had big-time local sports columnists who considered the column job one.

And then it occurred to me that there may be just one such columnist: Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He’s the only guy I can think of who is the best and most prominent sports columnist in his city who hasn’t turned the column into his secondary occupation.

There are other good local sports columnists who haven’t made the move to TV, like Greg Couch of the Chicago Sun-Times and Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star, but Couch and Posnanski both work at papers where there’s a more famous sports columnist who frequently appears on TV. Miklasz is both great at the columnist craft and, apparently, happy to make writing a newspaper column his top job. If he ever stops writing to make his top priority, we can officially declare the great local sports columnist dead.

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