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News » Portis needs a new character -- leader

Portis needs a new character -- leader

Portis needs a new character -- leader
Adam Best and the rabid football fans at Fan-Sided Blogs will weigh in with the perspective from the bleachers, couches and sports bars after each week's games.

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Clinton Portis posted MVP-caliber numbers this past Sunday, but true MVPs don't let their squads lose to the lowly St. Louis Lambs. By now, everybody's heard Portis' grumbling about his Washington Redskins not having their mind right heading into the Rams game, but the person who really needs to pay close attention to those comments is Clinton Portis himself.

I have a hard time swallowing this "Mr. Serious" spiel from Portis. After all, this is the guy who's concocted more stupid characters than Eddie Murphy played in "Norbit." This is the guy who once chuckled with Chris Samuels about Michael Vick's dogfighting ring. This is the guy who once wore a Ric Flair-style gold title belt on the Denver Broncos' sideline, despite not being the champion of anything I'm aware of. This is the guy who guaranteed the Redskins would earn a berth in last year's NFC Championship game, but ultimately didn't deliver.

Portis can run around in phony championship belts and play all the fake characters he wants, but until he displays some real character, his Skins aren't going to win any real championships.

Portis has six rushing TDs on the season and leads the league in both rushing attempts (136) and yards (643). Recently, he has been even more impressive, posting three consecutive 100-yard rushing performances. Portis also hasn't fumbled yet this year and is a stud blocker in pass protection. But the Redskins need more -- they need Portis to be their unquestioned leader.

Jim Zorn is a first-year coach who isn't exactly Tom Coughlin when it comes to his temperament. Jason Campbell hasn't done enough yet to be the true leader of that locker room. Mr. Taylor just got to Washington. Chris Cooley is too busy accidentally exposing himself on the Internet. If someone's going to step up and be the face of the Redskins, it's going to have to be you, Sheriff Gonnagetcha. What's truly "gonnagetcha" team somewhere is you stepping up and becoming a leader. Portis should have let his teammates know they weren't taking a desperate Rams team seriously enough.

If Portis had stepped up, assumed a larger leadership role and talked some sense into his teammates before or even during the game -- for instance, when Marcus Washington went all "8 Seconds" and celebrated a routine play against a league laughingstock -- I wouldn't be writing this right now. Santana Moss's brutal two weeks wouldn't have mattered. Pete Kendall getting all young Tiki Barber with the pigskin? Wouldn't have mattered. None of it would have mattered, because the Redskins would have won that game.

Portis can come out and give us all the lip service he wants, but if he led half as well as he played last week the Burgundy and Gold would be sitting pretty in the NFC East right now. Instead, the Redskins pulled an even bigger Week 6 choke-job than the rival Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants did. Coach Janky Spanky can keep making excuses for his team, but until he truly steps up and becomes the man in D.C. he'll be Christian Slater (he's still alive?) -- his own worst enemy. If he does step up, I can see him winning the MVP award and carrying his team deep into the playoffs.

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AFC North: I absolutely blasted the Browns before their bye week, but against the G-Men they had the Wright stuff. Speaking of Eric Wright, coming out of college he looked like the second coming of Pacman Jones -- both on and off the field. Good to see that he's like Mr. Jones on the field, and a little less funky off of it.
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AFC South: Maurice Jones-Drew, welcome back to the party. Unfortunately, Jacksonville Jaguars fans and fantasy owners RSVPed for about a month and a half ago. Maybe that offensive line is finally starting to gel? Or maybe Denver's defense just surrenders more points than the Dow Jones did last week.
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AFC West: San Diego Chargers fans can exhale, because Norv Turner's annual six-week slow start is over. The only difference is that this year he still hasn't figured out that he has the best running back in the league on his team. Let's give him a few more weeks. His last name might be Turner, but his pages seem to turn a little slower than the rest of ours.
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    NFC West: What a win by the Arizona Cardinals, huh? Even though they nearly got screwed over by the zebras, they held on to finally hand the bully back an unlikely beating for all those years of abuse. Raising Arizona to victory took both an opening- and closing-game touchdown, but a win is a win. Just when everybody stopped making the Cards their trendy sleeper pick, they finally look poised to win the West.
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